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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

One more night-

Cue the Phil Collins CD, because that's exactly what I have left in this term- one more night. Tonight. As previously mentioned, my group in Management class is giving a presentation for our final requirement. We've practiced, we've timed it, we've teaked the charts to match our text and we have agreed upon business casual dress instead of our usual jeans and sweatshirts and whatever's comfortable.

We are going to go first of all the groups, letting us set the bar for the rest of the class to try to reach. We've got great charts, visual, informative and simple and they end with the Monorail song from the Simpson's tv show.

It should be fun. And afterwards, I'm done for a month! Instead of schoolwork, I'l have yard work and vehicle repairs and camping plans to attend to.

I am SO ready. Unless the instructor offers up some extra credit, I'll only be getting a B in microeconomics, only my second B since I started this school effort. That does not make me happy!

But I've got a month off to rest up and get happy before plunging back in again!


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